for sale my La-Ventana Vista

this is absolutely the nicest property in all of this area....   If you want the best well it is right here.... this is where you are at right now, this is baja california sur, Mexico  this property is for sale...  buy 200 feet of beachfront or we will subdivide.   
Buy a rare piece of beachfront in the golden mile of La Ventana.      This is the only piece of property in this areas that has it all.  Electric, city water, phone, internet, launcable beachfront, buildable on not only the beach but on a bluff that is gently cascading down to the beach.   while you are building enjoy living in the 6 rooms on the property.  One room is even super insulated with a vapor barrier construction, many add AC to cement block and their homes AC systems can not remove the moisture, you feel like it is a damp wine cellar.    This bedroom stays cool and the AC removes the moisture.     Any view you want or both bluff or beach.  No other property has this.    If you have an equipment failure you will not be risking hypothermia.    I know because I have had to drift in 3 times.     I lived, what is that worth.    Walk to the stores and restaurants. for much information about this area, and affordable beachfront accommodations from hotels, motels, resorts, inns, house rentals, and real-estate.   

we can find accommodations for you in la ventana  we also highly recommend  

  above is our beachfront, the first white complex is our habitat                   12/09/11

ventana vista 1
one view
living spaces
Photo Gallery
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south east view

east view

north view

south view

upper deck













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above rainbow view is our east view


La Ventana - El Sargento,  Mexico

welcome to Brenda Vista/la ventana vista in LaVentana El Sargento area of the southern Baja about 3 hours North of Cabo San Lucas.       La Ventana is about 30 miles south of LaPaz on the Sea of Cortez.  La Ventana Mexico is the premiere windsurfing kiting winter destination.   A wonderful place to stay and play.  we have sun about 360 days a year.   winter is about 75 degrees on average.



view from a room

view from one of  my outdoor kitchens

Photo Album



Look at the online photo album filled with pictures from and of this area.


we are in a bay that will catch you if a mechanical breakdown

gorgeous view.....

spectacular kitchen

upper deck 360 view

my garden rooms

kids play


our beach ahead Home Rentals in Lower Baja

We have many affordable accommodations from houses, hotels, motels, apartments, casitas, condos, resort, hotels, hostel rooms to rent to you this season.  We are located in LaVentana El Sargento.  we highly recommend you start with About a 30 mile drive to LaPaz in the southern baja of Mexico.   Whether it is one day or three months we have a plan for you.    This area of La Ventana is known for it windsurfing, hiking, sun, and kiteboarding in the winter..   We can put you into a beachfront low cost hostel, as low as $15.00 a night, or a luxurious home with a pool for 12.   Look for Zorbing next year.  If you are looking for information on the area maps click on the below links for information.


double rainbow


view to the south on a rare fog day

a blue room


fire pit, kiters on the water

kites out,  adults play

patio outdoor kitchen and master suite

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