samsung fridge repair - hack

does your samsung side by side fridge freeze up for no reason... everything works but it just freezes up?  well try this....


make sure you did the manual defrost check that everything is working. 


start by defrosting for a day or two and unscrew all the screws in the fridge lower part.    then do the following procedure. 




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fridge fix for samsung refrigerators  that all systems work but they freeze up  

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well after 2.5 months I can say it is a fix indeed. I never lasted 6 weeks and the normal was 3 weeks.

so if you are giving up with all fixes because everything works like mine did but always froze up do this. do the soldering when the fridge is off. here are some pictures.

this one shows the ice left after a defrost cycle, this should not be there, at the bottom left and you can see some props on the tubes.    It is a problem.  but there is still a section of ice at the bottom that is just going to keep building because it did not melt through a complete defrost cycle. click on the pictures for higher resolution.


below is the 2.2 k ohm resistor in series. do it with power unplugged. just cut one yellow wire close to the connector and solder a 10 cent resistor in and tape it


here is a modification to the heat sink. I added some aluminum flashing to make contact on both heater bars to transfer heat to the lower part to melt the ice. make sure you have a curve contact on the bars for better contact area. not shown is I have a tapered small tab on that flashing that also goes into the drain hole to make sure the drain hole is kept from being frozen

I also added a heat sink to the left, it was not making good contact with the sheet metal, so I made a piece that made more contact and stopped it from being a hot spot. which could cause that area to burn out. they tried to do it all with the rivited points, that just is not a lot of contact area.

I bought the aluminum flashing at Ace hardware, but bet you can get small sheets at hobby shops.


here is a bending of the upper tabs to make better contact and allow the water to drop to the bottom during the defrost vs handing on after the defrost and freezing and adding humidity. i only did this on the top row. i did not bend the one on the left yet and you can see the water droplet right behind it.





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